Dance alone

Jana Burcheska


Jana Burcheska

Bi bila tvoja

Jana Burcheska

Jas i ti

Jana Burcheska

News Release

" Lets dance together"


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During the song premiere, the Macedonian team announced that they will work with choreographer Ambra Succi who will be the artistic director of Jana's stage performance in Kyiv. Ambra has been featured in numerous television shows including the Eurovision Song Contest as a choreographer for Poli Genova (Bulgaria 2016) and the winning song in 2012, Euphoria performed by Loreen.




Arrrrrrrrrrriba la Esteban
- Manolo, May 9, 2017
poenergicno na pocetokt,da ne stoi kako statua,i povke da igra.da dade dusa
- adriana, May 7, 2017
Добар настап, добра песна. Сепак повеќе среќа нареден пат ..
- Благој, May 14, 2017